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The Changing Lives Through Dance & Performance Arts Project  

It's perfect for young people in the Greater Manchester area who don’t quite fit into mainstream school but who would thrive in an environment such as our Dance Studio.

The programme is run in Carrington five days per week from Monday to Friday and includes:
Learning various dance styles such as Modern Ballroom and Latin (Strictly Come Dancing), Hip Hop, Street & Contemporary. 
Developing an understanding of Choreography and how it varies depending on the tempo and style of dance.
Performing Arts
Stage Makeup, Hair and Costume.
An introduction into setting the Stage, makeup, hairography & costume.
Developing an understanding of music styles, interpretation of its differing speeds, rhythms and dynamics.
Self awareness
Projection and exercises to strengthen and develop flexibility and self awareness.


Currently we are providing a weekly 4 hour session which is broken down into hourly slots. Each day will include practical dance or drama sessions and classroom based activities. 
The course is designed for beginners so it is not important for the young person to have any experience in dance or performing arts, they simply have to show a desire to be in this environment.
It is also not necessary for the young person to learn to dance although this is certainly in our experience, a big attraction for being on this course.
These projects can be made as flexible as possible to suit an individuals’ needs, and we can adapt the sessions accordingly. We would however recommend that weekly attendance is necessary to ensure good progression and continuity of learning.
We understand that schools are already under financial pressure so we intend to keep the costs to a minimum in the hope that it will be affordable.
The minimum cost per 4-hour session would be £35. This would include 4 hours of tuition, and hire of dance shoes.
Currently we offer 10am-2pm on Thursday for this course but other days could be arranged if the demand is there 
Our Vision
‘To support people to develop the skills,and the desire, to return to education and/or employment’
We passionately believe that activity and participation can have a remarkable role to play in the helping young people when more traditional methods have failed them. The environment provides a powerful way of inspiring young people to connect, improve well-being and become productive members of society.


Our Mission

We work in partnership with numerous bodies and educational establishments to deliver a programme which meets the needs of disengaged young people, to change their lives through the development of key life skills, and engage them back into society. The success of the programme will be measured through the evidence of change within key skill areas. We will be led by the following core principles:

  • To change lives through activity and participation
  • To be sustainable
  • To build effective partnerships to create a world class education initiative
  • To be knowledge based
  • To nurture now for the future


Who are the target audience?

The programme will be aimed at young people in secondary school education who would be more suited to an alternative provision to mainstream school. We envisage over time the programme will be expanded to support a wider disengaged community.

If you would like any further information regarding our courses, please call 0161 969 5853